Managed Services


Solar Energy – RESCO helps the consumer to pay only for the electricity generated without investing on associated systems and infrastructure and spending on regular maintenance of the entire system

In Environ Energy’s RESCO business model, there will be a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) for a defined period in which, the consumer will not have to go through the hassles of investing any upfront money, but will only pay on a per unit price for the power required

The rooftop of a consumer will be sublet to a project developer for a monthly rent in the local micro utility model. Solar PV power projects will be set up by Environ without Consumer incurring any CAPEX investment on the subletted rooftops for a fixed term and in turn consumers will have access to independent and continuous green, cost effective, reliable power supply during the PPA contract period.


Energy Management

Desired SLA at Minimal Cost

Powering Telecom Infra 24x7x365

Optimizing OPEX Through Optimal Mix of Various Energy Sources

  • Zero consumer Investment: With PPA, consumers can enjoy the energy produced by the system installed at his premises without any upfront investment of setting up and maintaining the system.
  • Lower energy cost: Consumers have to pay significantly lower energy cost than grid based energy as per PPA. More the energy is used, more are the savings.
  • Zero maintenance: Environ Energy maintains the system during the PPA term, thereby assuring the consumer of uninterrupted power all the time.
  • Zero risk: Consumers don’t have to pay, if the system does not produce energy such as on a cloudy day. It’s quite simple isn’t it!
  • Transfer of ownership: You have an option to own the system at the end of PPA term and prolong your energy savings.
What We Do
  • Efficient space utilization: We install solar PV power plant at our own cost on vacant and unutilized rooftop spaces.
  • Captive consumption: The generated power from the solar plant is transferred into the LT panel for full utilization.
  • Power Purchase Agreement (PPA): Environ Energy signs a PPA with the rooftop owner and the power is sold on a monthly cycle for a fixed term period.
  • Operation & Maintenance: We maintain the entire plant and station our team at site, at our own cost and expense for the entire term.
Financial Benefits To Roof-Top Owner
  • Rooftop owner enjoys cheaper power than the current power tariff & cost including the use of DG sets.
  • No worry of continuous power tariff escalation and inflation risk.
  • Buy back the project at the end of the PPA tenure at depreciated value of rupee 1 and enjoy free power for the remaining life of the system which is expected to be 30-35 years.
  • Nil capital investment required.
  • Comply with the renewable energy purchase obligations and reduce carbon footprint.
How Are We Different?
  • Experience of implementing. Projects in residential, commercial & non-profit organizations.
  • Our end-to-end solutions, from installation to maintenance, powered by cost-effective and streamlined commissioning processes and superior asset management bring the power of solar to our clients.
  • As a part of SREI, with strong financial backbone, you can be rest assured of our continuous support & commitment.

Solar Sites


EESPL provides Managed Services for solar sites in Telecom & Non- Telecom sectors.

High quality and timely servicing increases the productivity of solar power plants and reduces maintenance and repair costs. PV-stations are simple and unpretentious in maintenance; however, their effectiveness and return on investment depend on how professionally the construction is carried out, subsequent maintenance, and monitoring of the functioning of individual elements of the system. High-quality operation and maintenance (O&M) are one of the main ways to ensure the most highly efficient operation of a solar power plant.

Dduring the operation of the power plant, equipment malfunctions are also possible: “hot spots” and micro cracks on the surface of solar modules, string commutation failure and inverter equipment, weakening of terminal contacts, damage to insulation, etc. Any damage to the power generating equipment leads to a decrease in the efficiency of the station, therefore, constant monitoring of the status of devices and wiring is necessary. Perodical cleaning of solar panels is the key to meet up efficiency and projected solar generation maximising uptime and PR.

It is worth noting that the failure of just a few silicon cells in one photo module significantly reduces the productivity of a solar power plant. The timely monitoring & replacement of the problem module helps to avoid this decrease.

Monitoring of plant parameters and regular inspection help identify the gaps and mitigation of the same will help to maximise solar generation .

Typical Maintenance Needs
Solar Power Plants’ Key Indicators Monitoring

After the commissioning of a solar power plant, systematic monitoring of its condition is required to notice and eliminate possible failure or malfunctions in time. Including remote online monitoring by using special service programs. Measured indicators:

  • General indicators (voltage, current, performance);
  • Amount of electricity generated;
  • Status of connections and terminations in junction boxes;
  • Solar energy conversion efficiency;
  • Monitoring Plant uptime excluding Grid Downtime;
  • Monitoring of PR (Performance ratio).

Measurements allow us to determine that the power plant is stable and does not need additional adjustment.

Solar Station Equipment Operation and Maintenance

The service includes regular inspection and situational (unscheduled) support, which involves the departure of the emergency team, diagnostics and repair work:

  • Checking the condition of cables and equipment.
  • Thermal inspection of connection boxes and power circuits.
  • Conducting an audit of contact compounds.
  • Grounding resistance measurement.
  • Temperature measurement of PV modules and inverter power section.
  • Internal cleaning of the inverter from dust and dirt.
  • Check bolt connections.
  • Inspection of all equipment and insulation for mechanical damage.
  • Carrying out maintenance.
  • Processing of indicators and electronic layout transfer.
  • Indicators reconciliation acts drawing up.
  • Tightening of solar structures.
  • Periodical cleaning of solar panels.

The solar power plant needs further maintenanceservicing, which includes an overview of the integrity of the fence, mowing grass, tree cutting ,cleaning the surface of photovoltaic modules, caring for sewers, and much more. Regular cleaning of modules surface prevents the debris and dirt accumulation and helps maintain optimal solar panel performance.

Fiber Network


There has been massive long-distance fiber cable deployment, expansion, and relocation across the world. These activities have improved internet connectivity, voice communication, and the flexibility of interconnectivity within the telecommunications space. EESPL is specialised in Optical fiber infrastructure, Access Network, FTTH, IBS. Our Geographical presence is mainly at Eastern part of India and we are in the phase of expanding of services to other part of India also. As a Telecommunication solution provider, the company have implemented several green field projects of optical transmission network, executing turnkey OSP work for NLD and access network. We provide NLD Maintenance service with our outstanding system matter experts.

Challenges Faced By Clients:

Fiber deployment comes with processes and procedures which, when not strictly adhere to could be a potential for threat to the entire project. The project involves multifunctional units and hence requires more comprehensive consultation. Challenges in fiber deployment can be classified into technical and managerial difficulties..  Underground fiber optics cable is mainly laid along highways and by city roads. However, in an environment where the building comes up without authorization, planning fiber route and adhering to the planned routes become difficult.

The industry has experienced exponential growth over the last decades. Sustaining this growth hinges on efficient infrastructural deployment and management is the challenge the operators are facing . Although mobile network operators have invested significantly and strategically in fiber optic infrastructure, there has been an increase in the number of network outages caused by frequent failures in fiber optics networks such as fiber cable cuts. Fiber cable cuts have become the single most significant cause of transmission failure or disruption to telecommunication services. The challenges of frequent fiber cuts can be attributed to external factors such as dig‐ups during road construction.

What we do:
  • Survey of Route
  • Planning for deployment, execution, administrative services of RoW
  • Technical solution for First time right deployment
  • Cost effective solution for maintenance
How Are We Different?
  • We have efficient team for each domain who takes care of Administrative challenges relating to RoW issues, Local issues,
  • Minimise fiber cuts due to road expansion or any other constructions by stringent supervision team. We have separate team who handles Technical challenges during execution of fiber network.
  • We have another dedicated team for Post‐fiber deployment management.
  • We provide customised solution.
  • We emphasise on First time right approach, timely delivery and ensure 100% ESH Compliance with zero tolerance for Safety compliances.

Telecom Tower

Introduction –

The company offers Operation & Maintenance solutions to leading Telecom Infra giants of the country like Bharti Airtel Ltd, Indus Tower Ltd, ATC, Ericsson etc. To match the customer expectation, to deliver excellence, the organization houses highly skilled professionals deployed in the network for 24X7 seamless operations. The area of operation covers extreme challenging Terrence located from Hills of Sikkim and Darjeeling till Island of Sundarban, where delivery of network stability warrants extreme form of resilience.

Challenges Faced By Clients –

The complicity of Telecom field operation are heavily depends on the geography/terrain/weather condition and the local Environment and all are in abundance in West Bengal. West Bengal is known for having treacherous weather phenomenon like Nor’wester and seasonal cyclones, Those Impact the cell sites and even state Infrastructure like Electricity and access roads adversely. The Telecom Circle is having Hills, Sea, Islands of Sundarban along with International like Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan & Chaina and domestic borders with States like Orrisa, Jharkhand, Bihar, Assam etc. those speaks of the volume of challenges in hand.

What we do:

Operation is all about having a dedicated and disciplined, with seamless alignment and clarity of communication, that leads to Uniform Way of Working (UWOW). We mentor the team to ensure that our foot soldiers are always aligned and table execution as per well laid down SOPs, to meet customer expectations.

Key Differentiators / How are We Different:

We believe in minimising human interference and complete automation of process flow to deliver very high standard of compliances. We have automated internal process like Internal & External bill management including WCC management, end to end inventory management, EB bill collection, fault management, daily activity tracker, live tracking of each job execution and movements, team employability and HR flow management etc. are some of the focus areas that’s help us to deliver excellence and customer satisfaction by ensuring deployment of quality manpower and seamless feedback process.

Retail MNS

The Retail Market sector in India has gone through a sea change in the past two decades. With the modern retail format or shopping malls catering to the urban and suburban population along with super markets, departmental stores, etc., India has emerged as one of the largest retail market economies of the world. And it is rapidly growing and evolving with time. The organized retail market is expected to increase from 12% in FY 2019 to 25% in FY 2024. There are several factors involved in this remarkable growth, including increase in income of average Indian employee, brand awareness, exposure to international lifestyles, and so on. Nonetheless, the fact remains, modern Indian buyers’ taste and demand for consumer goods and customer service has evolved significantly. And to meet this speedily changing and increasing demand of consumers, Retail Market companies need to be more than adept with the latest technologies and automation.

Why Retailers Need a Managed Service Provider?

As India is becoming a lucrative market for global retail brands and home-grown businesses are also vying for customers, retailers need to pull out all the stops if they want to survive in the age where internet delivers everything at our doorsteps. In order to deliver exceptional customer experience and keep pace with the latest trends, enterprises must possess state of the art technology, AI, data analysis and digitalisation to transform their sales, customer service, backend operations, etc. To tackle such increasingly challenging task, today’s retail organisations are opting for outsourcing their internal network management to an MSP or Managed Service Provider.

What is Service Level Agreement or SLA?

In short SLA is a documented record of all the obligations that a Managed Service Provider owes to its clients, the metrics that dictate the service standards, and terms of escalations and penalties. It is a form of guarantee that safeguards the interest of both the parties involved.

What are we planning to offer?

As a visionary, we had foreseen the immense growth and opportunity in the Retail Sector and decided to align with it by offering our expertise. At present we are partnering with the largest retail chain of the country by providing them SLA driven managed services across West Bengal. We are hoping to expand our territory and venture out to other states in near future.